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Bible Study - Sexuality, Honoring God In Marriage and Singleness


Bible Study 1 Corinthians 7:1-40

  1. In what ways have your views on marriage, sex or singleness been influenced by society and/or the Church?



Read 1 Corinthians 7:1-40

  1. What issues did the Corinthians need Paul to address? What areas were they struggling with?



  1. How do you think immorality affected the way Corinthian men and women related to each other? v. 2-5.  How does immorality affect us today?



  1. How does Paul view marriage and singleness? v. 6 – 7.



  1. Why does Paul say that it is “better to marry, than to burn with passion?” v. 9



- How can the lack of self-control lead you to make an unwise decision to marry   prematurely?



  1. Have you experienced any pressure to be married? How does knowing that this world is passing away help you to be more content in your current state? v. 29-31 Explain.



  1. Why do you think Paul considers singleness a “better” way even though he fully affirms marriage? v.38



  1. In what ways would you like to be more devoted to the things of the Lord? Can you identify things that might be a distraction?



  1. How has this study challenged you to prepare for marriage? What things will you consider before you marry?

Sex in the Temple II - How it went down

Mission Driven Ministry in conjunction with Sankofa Student Ministry held a one day conference on Saturday 13th December at AIC Ngong Road in Nairobi. The conference was dubbed ‘Sex in the Temple II’. The first such conference was held about two years ago at the same venue, and many people had requested a repeat of it. 

About 50 people in total took part. The day started with some music by Mission Driven (In Search of the Truth, All that) – songs that will hopefully be released as part of MDs second album sometimes next year. This was followed by some icebreakers so as to allow people to know each other. After this the conference started proper with some praise and worship and then MD did the theme song for the conference – Sex in the Church. This song is to be released hopefully over the next week. 

There was then a period of small group bible study (a copy of the bible study material used is available here.) 

A hefty lunch was then served as people interacted. 

After lunch, MD did another song – Is He the King – and Curtis Reed spoke for about an hour on the subject. 

Some extracts:

 The male and the female, the husband and the wife model between Christ and the Church. 

The world knows what sex represents – a model for the sacred. The world, instead of sex being about the Sacred, is about a car, or a beer or any other product – in other words – sex sells.

 The world is under a spell (Rev 17-18) and is under the Babylonian system. According to Rev 17-18, when the system collapses, the saddest people on earth when system collapses will be merchants (or business people).

Musicians ‘cast a spell’ and one needs to be careful about what they listen to.

A more detailed summary is available here.

There was a period of almost about one hour after this where people now shared with everyone else about their experiences and weaknesses. It was a really powerful time, as no one felt condemned – if anything people left encouraged.

MD and Sankofa Student Ministry will probably hold a third edition of this conference next year.


Meanwhile watch out for MDs brand new release – Sex in The Church which should be hitting the airwaves before year end.

Summary - The Message

The world is under a spell. If you don’t see the spell, you’re probably under it. 

Curtis asked the audience: why did God create sex? 

  • Reproduction
  • Pleasure
  • Intimacy
  • Love
  • Covenant
  • Worship
  • A gift

 He then went through the list talking about each of the reasons in more detail.

 One Flesh

From Gen 2:23-24, one flesh is associated with marriage usually, but sexual intimacy is implied

From 1 Cor 6:13-17, one flesh is associated with sex. Temple prostitution was part of a ritual in pagan worship; even in pagan worship the spiritual nature of sex is acknowledged

From Eph 5:28-33 the context of one flesh is marriage again. The relation ship between husband and wife in marriage is used to represent the relationship between Christ and the Church

The conclusion that was drawn is that Marriage, Sex and The Church and Christ are ultimately related.

The male and the female, the husband and the wife model between Christ and the Church.

Sex is a model for the Sacred, and is a tool that can be used in evangelism. 

Curtis then gave his testimony from his days as a teen and young adult struggling with his sexuality and the lessons (or the lack of them) that he received.

It is important for everyone to understand what the model represents. Just as a man gets jealous when another man flirts with his wife, God gets jealous when he does not get full attention.

Believers are ‘engaged to Christ’ while on earth. Meeting Him in heaven would be greater than any human feeling on earth.

The world knows what sex represents – a model for the sacred. The world, instead of sex being about the Sacred, is about a car, or a beer or any other product – in other words – sex sells.

The world is under a spell (Rev 17-18) and is under the Babylonian system. According to Rev 17-18, when the system collapses, the saddest people on earth when system collapses will be merchants (or business people).

Musician do ‘cast a spell’ and one needs to be careful about what they listen to. The primary weapon that the devil uses to get at man is sexuality.

According to 1 Cor 6, the body is a temple. Just like the Temple, no one should enter the ‘Holy of Holies’ without a covenant (marriage).

However, not having sex doesn’t mean that one cannot be immoral. Looking at a woman lustfully is adultery.

Be free – don’t’ be the slave, or the master in any sexual relationship (which would be usually abusive). Both the slave and the master are in bondage. Freedom is outside the slave/ master relationship.

Single people have a unique opportunity to be used by God to spread the gospel as opposed to married people as they have less obligations (1 Cor 7).

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Mission Driven Presents - SEX IN THE TEMPLE II

The topic of sex within our urban context is rarely addressed in a comprehensive and wholesome manner. Is there more from the church than just "no sex before marriage" and be faithful?? Are there any deeper bibilical insights? Is there hope for freedom for those who are caught up in sexual bondage and addictions?

Mission Driven Ministry together with Sankofa Students Ministry are proud to present SEX in THE TEMPLE II. an all day bibilical discourse on this very sensitive topic of SEX!!!

Charges are 300/= and will cater for Lunch and snacks.
Get your ticket by the 30th of November. (email info (at)

Saturday Dec 6 2008
AIC Ngong Road


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Sex in the Church

Dann.... :
I’m darin you to talk about sex in the temple
Coz in this day it seems sex is the tempo
This in fact isn’t jus
An issue of distrust in Jesus
Or disgust in mirrors
Of moral tatters and fracas
Or the common campus fungus
That burns and scars us
Leaving some people’s spirituality diseased then deceased
Coz in this flame there’s only 3men in the heat of this furnace
This gets deeper and steeper when you hear about Janice!

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Sex in the Temple II

Mission Driven Ministry and Sankofa Student Ministries are planning to hold Sex in the Temple II.

November 22 2008
Dec 6 2008

More info will be posted here soon..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mission Driven Presents the Number8 : Again

7th September
Parklands Baptist Church
3.30-6.30 pm

Facebook event info & Guest list signup

It's free of course..

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How many of you love mathematics?

Mathematical Testimony by Dann aka Number8

Life can be as complex as mathematix/
find yourself gettin caught up in a matrix/
My life was divided into a multiple of priorities/
Problem is most of them were rooted in carnalities/
Feeling entrapped in closed Brackets Of Division/
By a Multiple of Additional Subtractions /
To my chances of attaining my predestined degree of freedom/
That would enable my spiritual dentals to grow to wisdom/
I wasn't living my life the best way I could live it/
T'waz comin to a dead end just like a limit/
This very nature was simply a product/
of me bein a mere mortal created from raw dust/
All that sin was killin me just like poisson/
My boyz on/ the other hand helpin me differentiate/
Right from wrong tellin me "love the friends u hate"/
Integrate ur lifestyle with God's truth/
So wen u fall,He'll be thea with arms open wider than obtuse/
But first I had to eliminate some errors in reasoning/
reason being/
I thought I just needed to get through school & get me a cute shortie/
but reality is this was just an acute shortage/
of what I really needed/
coz what I really needed was to let myself decrease/
and simultaneously let Jesus increase/
and through this one choice I'm destined for heaven/
Coz 3 nails + 1cross made me 4given/
and the blood He shed cleaned me whiter than detergent/
and the love He shared struck me so right like a tangent/
Now He takes my sins 4gives &then 4gets/
raises me to Higher power than exponents/
my testimony's all about the son that God sent/
Christ over that's my quotient/
the sine that caused/
my life to cross/
the line that was/
holdin my life from God was Christ on the Cross/
where He became my boss/
He saved my boyz/
I raise my voice/
And praise my source/
of eternal cause..../
To this day I'm still being moulded to be on point like a decimal/
So I share wit you my story through a poem so intellectual//

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Introducing Number8

Here's a small write up by Dann:

"My name is Dann Mwangi Njoroge.

I’m 23 years old and currently a finalist at Kenyatta University studying BA (Business studies and Economics). I began reciting poetry in high school (The Lenana School) in form 1 and represented the school in the national music festivals from form 1 through form 4. I was best in Nairobi in form 3 (2001). Despite this, I was not a fan of poetry; I actually thought it to be boring; I was rather indifferent about it.

I began to write my own poetry in 2006. Actually, my first poem is dated 12th July 2006. I am not the “academic” or classical poet who is bound to number of stanzas, lines per stanza, use of queen’s English or coastal Swahili, etc. I write as I would speak on the street. My style is heavily biased towards hiphop (I have actually been told that what I do is called “hip-poetry”).

Simply put, God is my inspiration. All I do is founded on Him. My poetry is based on what I see around me, what I know, what I think, feel, go through, what other people go through, etc as it is, brought into the open through words as inspired by God in His own time and way.

I go by the stage name Number8. This is because I appreciate the fact that it is humanly impossible to be perfect, (perfection being symbolized by the number 7), so I’m chasing after perfection like number 8. This is not to say that I’m greater than God (Perfection), but rather implying that IF ever I am to become perfect, I must decrease (John 3:30 “…I must decrease”).

I’m part of a ministry known as MISSION DRIVEN ( We primarily are a gospel hiphop group who do our music with a live band as well as worship leaders, Bible study leaders and disciplers. This is my mother ministry meaning that Number8 is a presentation of Mission Driven. I rap alongside phenomenal rappers, amazing singers and seasoned instrumentalists who all inspire me and teach me a lot as we are one in faith plus most of them have been in the music scene longer than I have. We are primarily based in A.I.C Ngong Road.

I recite/perform my poetry/spoken word at Poets’ club at NuMetro at The Junction, P.C.E.A St. Andrews’ Eve of poetry, in campus, WAPI (once), during our performances as Mission Driven and any other opportunity I get, like I did a piece in the movie BENTA in which I co-starred.

I am currently compiling my po8ry into a book that I will launch on 8th August 2008 (08/08/08). It will be a spoken word concert coupled with a pre-album concert showcasing some of the songs in our (Mission Driven) sophomore album to be released in December this year."

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MD Photos

Some photos from last Saturday's practice..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This year we wanted to do a major concert and at the same time launch a new album. We had hoped for an August concert but God had other plans. We are now looking at late November, early December.

Meanwhile keep 08/08/08 free from 6.08pm - 8.08pm free....

Mission Driven Presents the Number 8:

Poetry, Spoken Word and Hip Hop. Reflections and Worship.

The venue will be confirmed very soon.

If you would like to help us out, you could drop us a note : info (at)

Keep praying for us.

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BS on Saturday, NPC Parklands on Sunday

We spent most of the time on Saturday preparing to lead the worship at NPC Parklands on Sunday. We however spent a little time reflecting on how we came to know Christ, with each person present giving a brief testimony.

Sunday was awesome; sometimes I wonder whether MD should be doing hip hop, or worship kind of music. Or maybe we should find a way of doing both ...

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MD Bash

People decided that hooking up on Easter Monday had to happen. The plan changed from Naivasha to Ole Polos, to Ethiopian, and finally settled on food @ Sakaja's.

Everyone (including the so called MDWA) ! was there except Reuben(working hard) and Andrean, and of course Cubez and Chris Oti. I suspect in like 2-3 years there will be a gender balance present especially when people getting hooked up.

There was food, then guys did old school music (mapambano album!), and then new music (nowadays) live with a guitar which was conveniently present.

This should happen more often!

Bible Study with Mission Driven

John led this session.

Ben highlighted the importance of watching your conduct (Titus 2:11-14)

Alan shared a conversation he had with Richie about hymns. The depth of the message present in hymns. The encouragement and motivation behind what he called Christian War Songs - Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus, Onward Christian Soldiers(stanza 2 - the church is one despite different denominations, ages, tribes, races). Alan felt that he had had a week of war. A war with time. Lots of things to do so little time. He also mentioned that 'there's so much hope that despair should be called a crime'

Sam mentioned the importance of managing/prioritizing things better: QT, work, communication and working where your specific talent is. One needs passion to prevail, not just hard work.

I (Josiah) mentioned that sometimes it is easier to pray in times of crisis ?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Extracts from last weekends Bible Study

Last Saturday, Alan briefly shared on the Universality of Sin. It affects everyone. Even David, considered to be a 'man after God's own heart'. Yet he at a point
  • lacked discipline - 2Sa 11:1 And it came to pass, at the return of the year, at the time when kings go out to battle, that David sent Joab,
  • committed adultery - 2Sa 11:2-4
  • committed murder - 2Sa 11:15-17
  • tried to cover it up - 2Sa 11:15-17
But God is merciful in his forgiveness in that once David realized his wrong, he repented of it.

There were consequences though, as the blood of Uriah was on his hands and thus the first child from this relationship died.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bible Study with Mission Driven

Our last bible study meeting had us share among ourselves on the importance of mentor figures in our lives, people that we look up to and find encouragement from in our daily Christian walk. Several people found themselves looking up to grand parents or parents as examples to follow when it came to Bible Study, Prayer and just how to conduct ourselves.

Just as Paul mentored Timothy, it is important to have a person or people in our lives that are more mature in the faith to help provide guidance.

Peer mentoring and accountability has always been a strong part of MD - Just like Paul and Titus in the new testament.

We also talked about what kind of lives we need to be living so as to be relevant and at the same time to examples of lives worth following.

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Save Me Saviour (Forgive)

This our latest video, talking about God’s forgiveness. Even a Christian does have weaknesses, but God forgives us despite our sins and iniquities and can restore us.


We are a group that has (hopefully) dared to be different yet relevant with our message for today’s youth. With tracks such as Super Omosh and Mapambano we attempt to address issues in life using comedy and through (predominantly) hip-hop music.

This is how it went down:

“They would meet at a friend’s house for practice, one who occasionally borrowed the church keyboard to make tracks. One day one of us made a tight hip hop track and he invited the group to rap over it. Taking the lead, their friend Fred freestyled to show what he expected. They mucked around with different lyrics, writing in English, Kamba, Swahili whatever. Over time he continued to make more tracks for the group, though none of the group’s members knew how instrumental their relationship with Fred would blossom into later on.

At its inception Mission Driven began as friends and got together because of their love for singing. They then started a fellowship geared towards studying scripture. While on a name search they played around with names such as Mashujaa, before eventually settling for Mission Driven, which was proposed by one of the founder members, Okoth Okwemba.

Starting off, the group comprised Tim Ndambuki , Josiah Mugambi, Okoth Okwemba, Ken Mwalabu and Timothy Makuta. Due to the rigours of education Okoth and Makuta left the group while Richard Ngugi and Reuben Okubo joined. Today Mission Driven is a large group, who mostly all worship at the AIC Ngong Road- Nairobi; all involved in ministries as diverse as instrumentalists, bible study leaders and worship team. Interestingly, MD is more than just a music group, based around fellowship and friendship they confess spending more time bonding than praying and have continually met for their weekly Bible study every Thursday since their inception in 1999.

Incidentally, Fred was part of a group of young Christian professionals called The Brothers . Fred saw that he could help this young group realise their dreams, and got The Brothers to pay for a full recording session. With an assignment to identify who they wanted to work with from a wide variety of music producers on offer, they settled for Julian Macharia, who was at the time a young talented upcoming producer. They proceeded to record their first radio single titled Mapambano . It was so well received within both Christian and mainstream radio in Kenya and Uganda that the Brothers paid for another two singles. Armed with advice form their producer Julian they decided to visit different studios. First stop was Soulchild Records, where they met Steve Ominde, who produced some of MD’s tracks. It took more than a year to finish their debut full length album; launched on the 14 th December 2002. Mission Driven’s style is predominantly hip-hop, with a fusion of African, R&B and the occasional Rock tinges. Realizing they are not all called to be full time musicians there is leeway to support the group in other forms apart from availing one’s vocal skills during recordings and performances.

The group has been nominated for KORA Awards 2003 (Best African Gospel Group), and have shared the stage with Kenya’s top gospel artistes; among them Henri Mutuku, Rufftone, SK Blue, and Gospel Fathers amongst others. They are currently working on second album with various producers. Amongst the artists they have worked with, they reserve their highest plaudits for their first producer, Julian Macharia. They say his honesty, high work rate and skills as an engineer place him above many of his peers. Blackman’s urban stylings also resonate very well with them. Other producers include Ben Gittx Gitau, for his openness to new ideas and Tim Ennovator Rimbui for his pure talents. They look forward to recruiting more members who will stand in truth, know God’s Word and have faith in themselves.

Saks, one the groups members says that many people think that hip-hop music is only about entertainment, but at the core it really is ministry. ‘Our ministry really is an overflow of who God is to us, and it overflows to all those who are around us.’

He encourages those talented in music, to channel their gifts to accomplish God’s purpose.

Mission Statement

"Mission Driven exists as a music ministry and is committed through teamwork and individual effort, using eclectic skills to convey God's fullness through quality music, going forth to make disciples in obedience to the word of God and in the process becoming effective witnesses of Jesus Christ."

This is what we initially came up as a mission statement some 3-4 years ago :). Still very much true.