Monday, March 24, 2008

MD Bash

People decided that hooking up on Easter Monday had to happen. The plan changed from Naivasha to Ole Polos, to Ethiopian, and finally settled on food @ Sakaja's.

Everyone (including the so called MDWA) ! was there except Reuben(working hard) and Andrean, and of course Cubez and Chris Oti. I suspect in like 2-3 years there will be a gender balance present especially when people getting hooked up.

There was food, then guys did old school music (mapambano album!), and then new music (nowadays) live with a guitar which was conveniently present.

This should happen more often!

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John said...

Jana was a plot-and-a-half!!! I seriously had a blast and definitely we'll have similar (& better) events/plots like that in the future.... I will be looking forward to more and more of those... The main focus of the whole get-together was just to bond and have a great time together with all MD guys/galz (by membership or otherwise?) I think we all did a great job by turning up plus kudos to all the kitchen-staff and chief chefs... NO thanx to the tasters! I'm glad to see that MD is more than just a music/ministry group - we are family... :-) For all the guys who missed out - enyewe poleni sana!

PS: Sak's digs gave us a taste of either political confusion or political partnership - your guess is as good as mine! All the same, thanx for the venue dude!