Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mission Driven Presents the Number8 : Again

7th September
Parklands Baptist Church
3.30-6.30 pm

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It's free of course..

Monday, August 4, 2008

How many of you love mathematics?

Mathematical Testimony by Dann aka Number8

Life can be as complex as mathematix/
find yourself gettin caught up in a matrix/
My life was divided into a multiple of priorities/
Problem is most of them were rooted in carnalities/
Feeling entrapped in closed Brackets Of Division/
By a Multiple of Additional Subtractions /
To my chances of attaining my predestined degree of freedom/
That would enable my spiritual dentals to grow to wisdom/
I wasn't living my life the best way I could live it/
T'waz comin to a dead end just like a limit/
This very nature was simply a product/
of me bein a mere mortal created from raw dust/
All that sin was killin me just like poisson/
My boyz on/ the other hand helpin me differentiate/
Right from wrong tellin me "love the friends u hate"/
Integrate ur lifestyle with God's truth/
So wen u fall,He'll be thea with arms open wider than obtuse/
But first I had to eliminate some errors in reasoning/
reason being/
I thought I just needed to get through school & get me a cute shortie/
but reality is this was just an acute shortage/
of what I really needed/
coz what I really needed was to let myself decrease/
and simultaneously let Jesus increase/
and through this one choice I'm destined for heaven/
Coz 3 nails + 1cross made me 4given/
and the blood He shed cleaned me whiter than detergent/
and the love He shared struck me so right like a tangent/
Now He takes my sins 4gives &then 4gets/
raises me to Higher power than exponents/
my testimony's all about the son that God sent/
Christ over Dann...now that's my quotient/
the cosine....no/
the sine that caused/
my life to cross/
the line that was/
holdin my life from God was Christ on the Cross/
where He became my boss/
He saved my boyz/
I raise my voice/
And praise my source/
of eternal cause..../
To this day I'm still being moulded to be on point like a decimal/
So I share wit you my story through a poem so intellectual//

Saturday, August 2, 2008