Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sex in the Temple II - How it went down

Mission Driven Ministry in conjunction with Sankofa Student Ministry held a one day conference on Saturday 13th December at AIC Ngong Road in Nairobi. The conference was dubbed ‘Sex in the Temple II’. The first such conference was held about two years ago at the same venue, and many people had requested a repeat of it. 

About 50 people in total took part. The day started with some music by Mission Driven (In Search of the Truth, All that) – songs that will hopefully be released as part of MDs second album sometimes next year. This was followed by some icebreakers so as to allow people to know each other. After this the conference started proper with some praise and worship and then MD did the theme song for the conference – Sex in the Church. This song is to be released hopefully over the next week. 

There was then a period of small group bible study (a copy of the bible study material used is available here.) 

A hefty lunch was then served as people interacted. 

After lunch, MD did another song – Is He the King – and Curtis Reed spoke for about an hour on the subject. 

Some extracts:

 The male and the female, the husband and the wife model between Christ and the Church. 

The world knows what sex represents – a model for the sacred. The world, instead of sex being about the Sacred, is about a car, or a beer or any other product – in other words – sex sells.

 The world is under a spell (Rev 17-18) and is under the Babylonian system. According to Rev 17-18, when the system collapses, the saddest people on earth when system collapses will be merchants (or business people).

Musicians ‘cast a spell’ and one needs to be careful about what they listen to.

A more detailed summary is available here.

There was a period of almost about one hour after this where people now shared with everyone else about their experiences and weaknesses. It was a really powerful time, as no one felt condemned – if anything people left encouraged.

MD and Sankofa Student Ministry will probably hold a third edition of this conference next year.


Meanwhile watch out for MDs brand new release – Sex in The Church which should be hitting the airwaves before year end.

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