Sunday, December 14, 2008

Summary - The Message

The world is under a spell. If you don’t see the spell, you’re probably under it. 

Curtis asked the audience: why did God create sex? 

  • Reproduction
  • Pleasure
  • Intimacy
  • Love
  • Covenant
  • Worship
  • A gift

 He then went through the list talking about each of the reasons in more detail.

 One Flesh

From Gen 2:23-24, one flesh is associated with marriage usually, but sexual intimacy is implied

From 1 Cor 6:13-17, one flesh is associated with sex. Temple prostitution was part of a ritual in pagan worship; even in pagan worship the spiritual nature of sex is acknowledged

From Eph 5:28-33 the context of one flesh is marriage again. The relation ship between husband and wife in marriage is used to represent the relationship between Christ and the Church

The conclusion that was drawn is that Marriage, Sex and The Church and Christ are ultimately related.

The male and the female, the husband and the wife model between Christ and the Church.

Sex is a model for the Sacred, and is a tool that can be used in evangelism. 

Curtis then gave his testimony from his days as a teen and young adult struggling with his sexuality and the lessons (or the lack of them) that he received.

It is important for everyone to understand what the model represents. Just as a man gets jealous when another man flirts with his wife, God gets jealous when he does not get full attention.

Believers are ‘engaged to Christ’ while on earth. Meeting Him in heaven would be greater than any human feeling on earth.

The world knows what sex represents – a model for the sacred. The world, instead of sex being about the Sacred, is about a car, or a beer or any other product – in other words – sex sells.

The world is under a spell (Rev 17-18) and is under the Babylonian system. According to Rev 17-18, when the system collapses, the saddest people on earth when system collapses will be merchants (or business people).

Musician do ‘cast a spell’ and one needs to be careful about what they listen to. The primary weapon that the devil uses to get at man is sexuality.

According to 1 Cor 6, the body is a temple. Just like the Temple, no one should enter the ‘Holy of Holies’ without a covenant (marriage).

However, not having sex doesn’t mean that one cannot be immoral. Looking at a woman lustfully is adultery.

Be free – don’t’ be the slave, or the master in any sexual relationship (which would be usually abusive). Both the slave and the master are in bondage. Freedom is outside the slave/ master relationship.

Single people have a unique opportunity to be used by God to spread the gospel as opposed to married people as they have less obligations (1 Cor 7).

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