Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bidding farewell to our Brother Hawk

Hawkins Busuru (aka Hawk) went to be with the Lord last weekend after a tragic road accident. It is something that has shocked his family and friends alike, but we trust that God will comfort us.

This is a message from Richie:

We have a funds drive today (Wednesday 6th May) at 5pm at the professional centre. we intend to raise 120,000 shillings to aid the family of Hawk. You can send your donations through MPESA line 0717523334. Please respond as the Lord leads!

Also, please spread the news around.

Hawkins was a member of AIC Ngong Road and MISSION DRIVEN. He passed away in a fatal road accident on Sunday Morning. He went to be with the LORD!!!!!!!

Hawk was also involved as a youth leader at Parklands Baptist

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