Monday, August 29, 2011

Number8 Album Launch: REBUILDING

After 5 years of being a written and performing poet [Spoken Word artist], Number8 launches his debut album, REBUILDING on Saturday 10th September. This will be done through a concert that, just like the album, will take you through a grace-laced journey of faith.

NOTE: There will be two identical events on the same day. The first will be at 2-4pm and the second one will be at 5-7pm.

CHARGES: 250 Shillings.

Get tickets from WELLS BOOKSHOP – NAKUMATT LIFESTYLE, 1ST FLOOR. Alternatively, buy using MPESA on 0725782227. First, call Rose on this number to confirm availability for the show you want and afterwards buy on the same number. Or if I (Number8) am at a gig, you can get from me then…! BUT, GET YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE – VERY IMPORTANT. Shalom… #Rebuilding